I’m not saying you should enemies with your ex but staying close to them has lots of cons. Being friends with your ex literally has no upside. You’d tend to cheat with them (cheat on your current partner), the drama will continue and most likely one of you will still have feelings for another and it will complicate things. If by now you don’t know why you should flee from being besties with your ex, here are 7 reasons…

1. You might not start comparing yourself to other people your ex dates.

2. You will start feeling trapped in the past and history might repeat itself again.

3. You might start getting jealous and irrational when you know you ex is ready to date again.

4. You might become a stalker, stalking your ex on all social media in order to know what he is up to.

5. Your new partner might become insecure and umcomfortable about you hanging out with your partner.

6. You might also be dragged into those intimate moments that you’ve shared with them in the past, drawing you guys into a rather ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.

7. It will be only a matter of time before you feel convinced about giving the relationship another shot, even though the past has repeatedly proven that theory wrong. Before making any hasty decisions, ask yourself, Is getting back with your ex a good idea?