This is no Voodoo post or a juju something, but just a girl giving another girl some needed advice. Men can be a number of things for the woman they love, from protectors to providers, to nurturers and a host of other things. But often times their attention span wanes and moves on to the next meat whilst still claiming their undying ‘love’ to their current lover.

Snatching his soul just means having a man’s attention solely stuck on you. Unwavering, undiluted and reverent. You have to be an intoxicating drug and remedy and these points down below would help you be just that.

These are things to do if you really want to snatch his soul.

1. Enthrall him: It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, ensure that your man thinks you’re the most beautiful person on the planet, both physically and character wise. Make sure you’re up to date on makeup application and also comfortable going bare faced, men like to have the best of both worlds.

2. Have high & worthy values:Men like to know that their woman have strong and worthwhile values that they subscribe to. He has to see them evidenced in the way you live your life. Get great Christain values, such as: Respect, Hard worker, goal getter etc.

3. Be Nice: I rather pick a nice person over somebody that portrays themselves as a smart @ss who’s aggressive and disrespectful. In all that you do, ensure that you carry it out genuinely with love. It would surely give him a good impression of you. But don’t just do it because of him, do it because it’s the right thing to do.

4. Baby his ego: When the situation really needs it, babying his ego is allowed. But don’t in anyway turn it into an enabling act, be firm yet loving when you want to stroke his ego. It’s that additional firmness that does the trick, it shows you love him and want to cater to his needs but you’re also strong and decisive and would only take so much. Treat him like your baby, men like to be pampered as well.

5. Help him strengthen his weakness: Most people gravitate towards people who put tangible efforts into making them better. So be your man’s builder, instead of tearing him down. You’d become his rock and confidant aka best friend. His dependence on you is important if you want that man’s soul to be solely yours.

6. Know his Love language: This is quite important because the knowledge of what really interests him would make you hit the right spot every time.