Being the side chick or the other woman has now evolved to a very profitable business in Nigeria. Gone are the days when ladies felt guilty about dating another mans wife, now these women literally chase married men all because of the monetary benefits. Not all that glitters is always gold though, here are some major downsides of being the other woman.

1. DEALING WITH BEING LONELY: Having a secret relationship can get quite lonely because there will always be something missing. Sure, there will be many moments of physical intimacy, but it is never enough to cover the pang of loneliness, of something deeper than just the physical moments that you both share.

2. STIGMA FROM SOCIETY: It doesn’t end with the name-calling or slut shaming because she will also have to deal with the condescending stares as well as muffled whispers whenever she enters a room. But at the end of the day, she’ll still try to brush it aside in order to keep her relationship with the taken man.

3. ALWAYS HAVING TO PLAY THE WAITING GAME: This means you have to wait for your lover’s go signal to do anything, such as the next time the two of you will get to see each other. The waiting game is such a difficult and, oftentimes, frustrating game to play because you are starved for whatever crumbs of affection your lover has to throw at you.
Once your tryst is over, you’re left pining and waiting for the next call, which can take days or even weeks to arrive.

4. YOU LIVE ON STOLEN AND PLANNED TIMES: One of the underlying conditions in being the other woman in a relationship is that you have to work around a fixed schedule. Remember that the object of your desire has someone to go home to every day. He has obligations to fulfill.

5. THE GUILT EATS YOU UP: Many women who have entered these kinds of relationships have often complained of sleepless nights. They find themselves wracked with guilt, especially in those moments when they find themselves to be alone without their lover to comfort them. They are guilty on being the object of sin against another woman. Oftentimes, these women feel that this guilt is a one-way street.

6. YOU’RE NEVER THE PRIORITY: The first few weeks of a relationship are always filled with bliss. One gets the emotional highs of being in love and constantly wanting to be with the person that you love. However, the “honeymoon stage” will soon end and you will soon see reality for what it is.

7. THERE’S AN EXPIRATION DATE FOR YOU: This is perhaps the most frightening and heart-wrenching truth to being the other woman. The entire affair could end as abruptly as it started. This means you probably even won’t have any closure, at all. This would make the situation even more painful since you cannot even go back to how it was before.